Thursday, December 3, 2009


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When I first heard about Mama Mia, I was not interested about it. I thought it was a movie about drag queens. I have nothing against about them but it is not just my type. I really like musical movies. I have seen Phantom of the Opera more than ten times in my TV. There were times when I would watch Jesus Christ Superstar Rock Opera everyday. I really enjoyed those type of movies. Just imagine how surprised I was to learn that Mama Mia is a also a musical movie. And it was a movie that features ABBA songs! When I first watched it, I was so amazed by it. I never thought that Pierce Brosnan can sing! And even Meryl Streep (I saw her on Devil wears Prada and she was so different on this movie)

I really wish I can have the chance to watch Mama Mia live. I wish I cna watch all my favorite musical on stage. On real live stage. My friends in Sidney are really because Mamma Mia, the musical. Now in Sydney. I already emailed them about it because I know they liked it as much as I do. I told them that Tickets available at TicketMaster Australia and that they should hurry and buy their tickets now! You should not miss this chance to watch Mama Mia, the original musical in Sidney! It will only run for 15 weeks. If you love the movie, for sure you will love the musical too. You will dance like a dancing queen in aisles. You will feel like "The Winner Takes It All" after watching it. And for that I envy you. What are you waiting for? Go and say " I do, I do" and buy your tickets now!

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