Thursday, December 3, 2009

GT: Get Ready On February

February 1, 1982.. yes I am only 27 (turning 28 next year).. and yes I already got 4 kids.. LOL

That's the theme for this week at GT.. What is your birthday? I think Marce Niko enjoyed making everyone's birthday extra special (operation smile for Clarissa, cake for Fedhz and the likes) so she made this theme for that. Surely she just wants to know the birthdays of her friends.. so don't dare disappoint her by missing GT this week.

Now, that made me think.. do I know the birthdays of the Marce Club? I only know Fedhz birthday as the same as Niko's (which is November 22). I know Jade's birthday to be in March (is it 21?) Kaye is in July or June? And Seiko, Yami, Gene, Liz, I can't remember if I know their birthdays!!! waaah!! Now I am sooo thankful to Niko for this theme.. oh wait.. if I remember correctly, Mareng Liz birthday is April? oh gawd.. I am so forgetful!! Even Yami told me her birthday! Darn. Thank you talaga Niko for this :)

And about my birthday.. there is actually nothing weird about it except for the fact that when I got my birth certificate at NSO, my birthday there is February 15.. I wonder why..


Genejosh said...

February ka pala mommy..add nga natin sa calendar, lapit na pala:) April 25 ako mare..he..he...Oist mare alam mo ba nakakaenvy ka, at that age you have 4 kiddos na, ako kaya?..he..he...

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