Thursday, December 17, 2009

GT: A Merry Christmas House

That's how my first born son describe a well decorated place, A merry Christmas house. Last year, I had no plans on decorating the house because I had no helper then and Chico was still small, it would really eat a lot of time to put up all the decors. But Kayil insisted we have A Merry Christmas House, so there. This year, I started decorating the house just a while ago. Yup. That's why I am a bit late on posting this entry. I helped my helper (er?) do the laundry earlier then when I am about to post my GT entry (saying I had not started decorating the house yet), we have no connection. I am not used to doing nothing so I rummaged the decors and start putting up some balls and glitters on our stairs.

Just when I am almost done on it, the connection went back! yay! there goes my decorating activity. Maybe tomorrow I will start decorating the windows.. with something like the photo above, minus the socks.

An oh those stockings are still empty.. I bet you have something that can fill it up.. drop it kids are waiting :)


Seiko said...

You did a great job Mare. Now you have a Merry Christmas house na hehe.

nuts said...

i always love visiting your blog. I find it so unique and now it's the decoration. where's your place? maybe i can tell santa to drop by. Please upload the photos of decoration for your windows.. love to see it.

anne said...

I just love that glittering stuff on your stairs plus the socks are so adorable. Mine is up and its here thanks

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