Saturday, December 19, 2009

Web Applications And Internet Services

A friend of mine paid a small company (and not to be trusted may I add) for customizing a web application for their site. It went wrong because it seems that the company were not really familiar with the web applications. Although they have an idea about it, they were not aware of the limitations of custom web applications. The company insisted that since the application can be open using a browser that it can be considered as web application.

There are lots of companies that would offer you best webdesign. You must be careful in choosing the company that will work for you. Get@web is one of the best company that offers web applications Internet services and web designs. Business websites are their main products. They can create your business websites and other internet services that will match your needs. They also specializes in individual web- based application for Internet and inside the company (intranet). Examples of these are educational software that can be shared around the company or exam materials for future employees.


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