Thursday, December 10, 2009

GT: My Christmas List

This week's for my favorite meme GT is about Christmas.. the people on my Christmas list or the people that will receive something for this Christmas. If only I have that much moolah, my list would be endless as I love giving gifts.. I would include all my kumares (Fedhz, Niko, Jade, Kaye, Seiko, Yami, Gene, Liz) on my list, if only I have enough resources to do so. And since I am limited, there are only few people on my list.

Even if I don't have enough money there are two kids on my list that will never be sad this Christmas. No, it's not my kid as the hubby would provide for that. I am talking about my two nephews. These two boys are like sons to me. And yes, I usually spend more than I am suppose to for these boys.

Next on my list is my two helpers. My mom taught me that it is very important to show to them how much appreciate them. They take care of my kids when I am really busy. They take care of the house. I can even trust Sati to them while I am out shopping for toys.

I also plan on giving something to my Gynecologist and my kid's Pediatrician. And there's this three bubly kids on my list (I hope I can buy something for them) who will visit me on 27.

So how about you? Am I included on your list?


Genejosh said...

so nice of u to include me here mare..same here but wish pa lang kasi ala pa me budget now..he..he..I could extend prayers for you this Christmas season, praying for the best for you and your career.

Mine's here:

fedhz said...

LOL.. wala na akong time mamili. pero for sure meron kayong polvoron. bwahahaha

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