Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Couples Corner: Jealousy

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Jealousy? Is there a word like that? I believe that this word is used when you something that will threaten your relationship with your partner, like seeing your partner holding hands with other girl or dating another woman.. but if you feel like hammering your partner's head because you found a text in his cellphone from a girl's name or you feel like burning your husband's clothes because he did not went home the time you are expecting him to.. well it is called PARANOIA.. and I always got that.. I am paranoid! nyahaha

My recent paranoia attack was 2 days ago when I learned that someone I knew seems to be having an affair. Now that made me think faster than the horse in Sta Anna race track. I thought what if my hubby had an affair before, what if he will have an affair in the near future? what if.. what if.. what if..

As for the hubby.. he is also paranoid or maybe just being right. I remember when we were just starting and I was an active member of our organization. As a member, we are to hop around the campus inviting other orgs to a certain activity. It so happens that I am with a gay friend and while walking around the campus we were holding each other's hand. When he learned about it he was furious. He said that people who knew that I am his girl would think bad about me.. and so on. Another instance was when one of our fraternity brother hugged me and he was mad too.

Only later that I realized what he really means. And from then on I tried to avoid male.. and if you will notice I don't have much male friends in the blogniverse..and that when I organize a meet up, only girls are allowed to join. I don't talk to them to prevent future arguments. It is ok with me as I am not really friendly to opposite sex.


Mom of Four said...

Oy ganon? eh hindi na nga selos ang sau, porke may affair na ang kakilala mo, iniisip mong ang hubby mo eh mag kaka affair na rin? ngek! masahol ka pa pala sa akin. Kala ko ako lang anglumilipad ang isisp sa kalawakan kapag may nakitang number ng girl sa bulsa ni hubby.

At ang mga hubbies natin kambal yata, mga selosong di maintindihan, kasalanan ba natin kung nag asawa sila ng magaganda na, mga kaakit akit pa? Hahaha!

Manang Kim said...

Hi pot, may pagka-pareho tayo..I don't have crushes on tv personalities as well as hubby, but I found out one time that he was jealous with his nephews gay partner. Geezz sa lahat pa naman nag pagseselosan eh bakla pa, when I find it out I go ballistic as in naiyak ako sa kakatawa. Eh bakla din naman kasi ako...kaya nag-kiclik kami agad the first time we were introduced. He was watching pala when we talked and giggled and whispering each other. We are gossiping all the people around us that time kaya tawa kami nang tawa eh sa tingin ni hubby sweet na kami hahaha. Kakaloka!! Thanks for sharing!

Couple's Corner~Jealousy

eds said...

natawa ako run ha.. so cguro sa category ako ng paranoia hehe.. pambihira, tingin ko ha, normal sa ating mga girls na makaramdam nito. parang isipin mo pa nga lang na me ibang babae ang asawa mo para bang gusto mo dikdikin ng pinung-pino si mister.. hehehe..

heres my entry >>

Clarissa said...

heheheee!!Pareho pala kayong seloso at selosa ng asawa mo lol!!Di rin mawawala sa isip yang,what if,what if di ba?Pero isa lang ang masasabi ko--hinde babaero ang asawa mo coz your sex life is soo active lol!!See,nakaka-ilang anak na kayo lol!!ehe!!\(^0^)/

Genejosh said...

kung ako din ang hubby mo mare di kita ipahug noh sa frat bros mo..ano sila too I avoid male friends in blogosphere

Mine's here:

BTW sis could you help me win sa Artscow photo contest? Here’s the details:

Thanks talaga.

♡ N o r e e n said...

Ganyan yata talaga mga lalaki, seloso. Kahit friendly hugs from other guys ayaw nila. Ganyan dn asawa ko.

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