Monday, December 7, 2009

Promised Backlinks For The Sponsors

And just as I said from my parenting blog.. I will post the list here.. I told you.. I am very generous in back links.. if you wanna be included here.. why don't you click on the banner and be our sponsor.

Brisbane Australia
A website that provides latest and accurate information about Brisbane Hotels, Tours, Events and Things to do in Brisbane, Australia.

The Latest Buzz
A website that provides the hottest intrigues and happenings in local show business, international gossips and events and local events.

A socially dynamic site built on the current events of today with tidbits of personal commentary from the site's owner - 113Directory

A personal blog about the author's lil dolly princess.. her daughter, Azumi.

Fab Momma
Another personal blog about the author's life as a fabulous mom

Mara's Personal Bubble
A personal blog of a Mara de Guzman. In here she talks about her struggles on her daily life.

Mara's Appetite
Mara's food blog where she spend her money on FOOD.

The Pinay Blogger @ Home
A must stop site for every homemaker in the world.

Diva Fabulosa
A website that talks about gossip, talks about woman and of course, fashion!

Best vacation Places
A website that is dedicated to bringing you the best vacation places int he Philippines and in the world.

Momma Wannabee
The site talks about the hopes and journey of a wife trying to have a baby.

Advising Writers
Make Money Publishing Content Using Your Own Ads. Articles, Short Stories, Poems and More!

United World Poets
The Social Community For Poets Worldwide. Post Poems And Enter Free Cash Prize Poetry Contests.

A Mom's Life and Loves
A mom who loves to gab. A mommy blog that also talks about earning jobs on the internet.

Travelin' With Marie
A blog of a young, twenty something sharing her insight on life, travel, and her favorite hobby, scrap booking.

Memories Preserved Online
Online ramblings of a work at home mommy.

Stalking Mind
A perosnal blog of a father. It talks about the author's kid (mostly) and anime and cosplay.

Living Life To The Fullest

Tips, Articles and Facts about ALMOST everything in this journey called life.

Online Mommy's Corner
A site that offers all the journey a mother experiences.It talks about the author’s first haircut and even the author’s experiences outside their house.

Her And History
The site that talks about the experiences of the author and her family. It talks about her kid and even her teaching experiences.

Careless Whisper
The blog is about anything under the sun. It discusses everyday life, events about the author and her family.

In My Psyche
Here, the author lets you in on what's going on inside her mind, whether it be about her husband or about her rants and raves in life.

My Quality Day
This is a photoblog which aims to chronicle the life of the author as a reminder to her that in everyday, there is something beautiful.

Just Throw Money
A blog whose author tries to find ways to earn more than 25 cents a day through blogging.

My Journey To Life
A mommy blog dedicated to her adventures as a mom and as a wife, who wants to share to her readers her life experiences.

Cotton Candy Buzz

This blog is a potpourri of thoughts of a work at home mom, mostly about her kids and her online activities.

you know you want to..


Gagan said...

Hello pehpot ,

My links are again no-follow , please modify them ,

would wait for your reply


kat said...

Good one on Promised Backlinks - it helps a lot!

We clearly share similar parenting experiences and views. I've been reading one that I'm hooked on - I have a feeling you'd get a lot out of it.

Incredible job on your blog; keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
This rather good idea is necessary just by the way

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