Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 For ME

My 2009 has been great! Before the year ends, I got the ME time that I badly need. First, I got a massage from my sister. You must know that O never liked going to massage parlors or spas. I hate the feeling or the thought of some one else touching my body. The only person I can allow to are people who are close to me. In fact I hate it when I am in public transportation and my skin brushes off to the passenger next to me. I so hate it. And so when my sister (who practice reflexology) comes here (they spend Christmas here), I just have to ask for a massage. I feel revitalized and so alive. My body aches disappears and some of stress went with every fart I let out. (is it just me or do you also fart after a massage section?)

Aside form the well deserved massage, I also got a manicure and a pedicure! courtesy of Moi, who else. Just like massage, I am not used to having my nails done. I am not comfortable with it. So I learned how to clean my nails and now I am almost a pro. Next to it, I got to trim my eye brows! Yay! I haven't done it for the longest time.. the last was summer (I think) and it feels good and I look younger too. Sorry no pics yet. So for a woman like me, the year ended beautifully. I hope this 2010, I would be prettier and I can lose this extra belly.. I need to lessen my blogging time and do more exercise.


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