Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CC: Xrayed Couples

Rodliz’s Nest

Xray couple because theme for this week is how well we know each other. There is only thing about me that my husband knew and that's what keep our relationship strong. He knew that when we quarrel, bicker, get at each other, he SHOULD be the first one to say sorry. He knew I love my pride so much. LOL

As for him, uh, I knew him so much that he cannot lie to me. Sometimes he would tell me something and I can caught him if he has a hidden agenda. But if you insist that I put a list of things I knew about him, I won't give you a hard time LOL

I knew that he loves eating with fruits, banana for saucy dishes (menudo, afritada) and mango for any other type of dish.

He hates poopoo and have this thing over garbage. He hates seeing that the garbage can is already full. It is rare that he would clean up his kids poopoo.

He always prefer rice over bread but he like bread with peanut butter on it partnered with hot coffee. And yes, he like dipping his pandesal in his coffee.

When he is angry, don't argue. He never take reasons when he is mad. Try to let him cool down and talk to him after his moment.

He likes pleasing me, in every ways. In every thing. When I want something, he tries his best to give it to me.

He never likes Pizza, but he loves to eat, eat and eat and he never get tired eating beef.

There is so much tot ell about him but I guess this will do for a while. Head on to Marce Liz for more Couples Corner entries :)

And oh he hates pictures.. that's why I don't post our pictures, because we have none.


frizzy_rein said...

haha im the same. I love my pride too.. he needs to say sorry first before the war ends!

Mom of Four said...

Mare, lagi bang dapat na mag sorry si Pare bago kayo mag usap? kung ikaw ang at fault, siya pa rin ang mag sorry? Pride mo, umaapaw ah, hahaha!

Never liked pizza? baket? siguro may mga taong ayaw ng pizza. Asawa ko kasi mahilig sa food, pero ayaw ng gulay, saka prutas.

Katuwa naman, ayaw magpalit ng dirty diaper ni hubby mo? eh wee wee, oks lang?

Spoiled wife ka ata Mare ah, tingin ko lang..

Chie Wilks said...

hubby hates poopooo too, kahit na ala pa kaming baby winarningan agad ako ng if ever mgkababy i have to understand him daw kong hindi sya tutulong sa pglilinis ng poopoo..

i played today too

acmumcee said...

Hi there mommy pehpot...

Katuwa naman po ang iyong story. Naku, eh lahat ata ng tatay eh hate ang poop ng mga anak nila. hehe.. baka naman po surprise pala ang nirereready eh pilit mong binubuking.

Pero kilig ka naman po noh when he tries his best to please you.

Hope you can find time to read mine at ACmumCee's CC

Cecile said...

ganyan yata tayong mga pinay komo alam natin na mahal tayo ng asawa natin ang pride natin eh ganoon na lang :-)...spolied ka rin ba gaya ko?

Clarissa said...

Si Mommy Pehpot talaga sobrang spoiled sa asawa!!How envious!!\(^0^)/
lol @pooping!!Asawa ko naman loves to change diapers nung baby pa mga kids ko.I remember dipping pandesal on my coffee too dati--di ko na magawa ngayon kasi bawal.Baka daw gayahin ako ng mga bata lol!

rossel said...

lahat yata ng wife e mapride at spoiled. si hubby din e hindi makahindi sa gusto ko.

teJan said...

hahhaha...lakas talaga pride chicken natin..weee!

oi..wala talaga sila sa "hearing" nating mga pinay...haha..they cannot lie to us because we know..just like that! aheheh

happy CC dearie!

Seiko said...

Ganun talaga kasi mahal natin. Konting kibot lang alam na. dba Mare? lol!

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