Friday, January 29, 2010

Funny Pics

If I am not busy blogging, most likely I am on GIMP doing our photos. I do love editing and putting some picture effects on our photos. I sometimes spend hour making fun of our faces. I sometimes wish there is a software where I can create funny pictures in a click. Then a friend told me about this site where you can create photo effects in a flash. A site that offers fun photo maker. A site that I would surely bookmark on my browser. Look below and you will find the latest on the news.

Funny Pictures

Oh! That's me and Chris! And we are on the news! That's what I got from the fun photo editor site. It's very easy to do, I just upload my picture and voila! We made it the news! The good thing about it is that I can easily share it to my friends. After uploading the photo, and it's done with the effects, you can found codes to put on your website or to include on your email. Just what I did here. And below are some more cool and funny pics.

Funny Pictures

My Marce Niko will love this for sure. Who is better Bella for you? Niko or Kristen Stewart? I so love this site! Please stop or I will be uploading all my photos and spend hours trying all the effects. Just try it guys and you will be hooked! They got more than 100 photo effects and they got NEW PHOTO EFFECT, EVERYDAY!

The photo below is my favorite. That's me and my pretty princess. See, the world can't help but admire us.

Funny Pictures

You should try adding some fun effects on your photos. You will discover how fun it is. It's also a good activity to relax yourself. Making fun of your photo can be a good stress reliever.


JAY said...

Haha, it looks fun! I've seen this one where you can make your picture look like a huge street poster and there's girls hugging and kissing it.

nuts said...

I'll try the New Moon funny pic. I think I'm perfect for Edward.. :D

Seiko said...

Aba Marce you made the headline ha. For sure would check this out too. Ang cute naman ng photo with your princess :D

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