Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oy Pare

Sorry Paula, I just have to blog this., if i won't, I will die laughing... LOL

yes, I just came home from Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries event. IT was a fun filled event but will talk about it on my parenting blog later (I hope). Anyways, Paula's hubby was waiting for her somewhere in Glorieta (since the event was held in Ascott) and me hubby also waited for me. This curious mind asked, why they don't wait together and bond with each other.

That's a very nice idea! Husband of two bloggers.. and this is how their "bonding" went (if ever there was one)

Cata (me hubby): Oy pare (nods)

S (Paula's hubby): oy pare (nods back)

Both taps their fingers and moved their legs....

30 minutes after...

Cata: Oy pare (nods)

S: oy pare (nods back)

Another 30 minutes passed..

Cata: Oy pare (nods)

S: oy pare (nods back)

Cata: la pa?

S: di pa daw tapos eh

30 minutes again and until Paula and Pehpot arrived (and chatting endlessly)

Cata: pare, una na kame

S: sige pare

The end.. and that's how the tale of Oy Pare goes...

Oh, I am a believer now! Click on the badge to find out how you can be a believer too. Details about the event, will post it soon on MOB.. need to rest for a while. My body's telling me to stop.


Paula said...

Ikaw talaga Fedhz kung ano ano sinasabi mo umiral na naman tuloy overactive imagination ni Peh! Biruin mo ba naman gumawa pa ng script.
Naisip ko din tanungin saan nag-aantay si Cata at ng sabay na sila maghintay kaso parang na-weirdohan din ako kaya sabi ko wag na lang. Lam ko na, nxt time i-set up na lang natin sila paghintayin natin at the same place tapos sabay pakausap natin sila sa isa't isa yung tipong may pinapasabi. malay mo they have something in common.

reyapot said...

hehe, kakatuwa naman kyu..parang bina-blind date nyo yung mga asawa nyo hehehe... share nyo po kung anu mangyari ha pag natuloy hehehe...

Beth said...

hi pehpot,
nagkahiyaan sila. un lang un. kakatuwa, me script! :)

nice meeting you, pehpot! you look fresh and glowing in person! :)

will wait for your J&J post! :)

MinnieRunner said...

It's a nuffnang event right? I also attended a nuffnang event (Century Bangus Blogger's Lunch) last Saturday.

Oy, pare :) COOL!

I just joined a contest and 30% of my chance of winning is about my post's popularity. Hope you can lend me your time and comment on my post Thanks much!

kikamz said...

hahaha.. nakakatuwa naman ang magpare kung magkatoo at mag meet cla... "oy pare" lang ang conversation nila.. ano kaya sasabihin nila pg nabasa nila to?

btw, happy birthday mare ko! God bless you always! anu bang handa natin jan?

Chinkey said...

hey pehpot! thanks for coming :) halavit!

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