Thursday, January 14, 2010

GT: Firts Date

I love this week's theme, unlike last week, haha, first date. I love this theme because I have nothing to share. Poor pehpot. I never experienced dating, I never experienced being wooed by guys. I never experienced receiving flowers from a guy. Why? I am super straight forward, if a guy starts showing interest in me, I say out right that I don't like him and if I like him, I say it there and then. You think I ma easy peasy? nah, I just don't believe in courting, it's n use for me. Just the same in dating LOL

Mare, you're making it harder for me! And I thought this will be easy. Aside from doing my GT entry, I am also doing my Couples Corner, and both memes are giving me a hard time looking back. Is it memory lapse or my life is really not that colorful? waaaahh

First date. first date. first date. I really have nothing to share.. me and the hubby, as soon as we got this thing going on between us, and even before, we were already living in the same house. We breathe, sleep, eat together most of the time, what's the use of dating?

Now, because of GT, I wished we have been more romantic, so I have something to share here. But I am sure some or most of our girls had fun dating, I can't wait to read their entries.


K said...

e kasi naman you don't seem the romantic type naman talaga (tulad namin ni Paul. hehe) unlike etong si Biboy at Niks na parang mga bagong magjowa lagi kung magmahalan. haha! ay naku hiramin muna natin si biboy. LOL.

Mom of Four said...

Naku ako rin walangn first date. Kasi naman anything na isulat ko, binabasa ng asawa ko, nakakainis. daig pa ang editor in chief. Hindi talaga ako nakipag date sa Pinas nuon..bring kahit sa yatats ng panganay ko, nood lang ng sine, eh ba yun? di ko naman pwede isulat, baka majombag ako.
Hoy, di kita pinahirapan sa Couple's Corner ha, yaw mo nun, nalaman naming lahat na super loves ka ni Pare, oh di ba??

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