Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Couples Corner: GRRRR!!!

Rodliz’s Nest

Oh no.. I have nothing to share today here in Couple's Corner.. He made me really angry? when? I can't remember a time where I a m so furious at him. I tell you I don't have a lot of patience and I snap easily. I am always mad at him, LOL. I easily get mad at him but I'm easy to please too. For the love of Marce Liz, I will try to remember any situation that I got so furious at him.

There was a time that we almost got separated but I was not angry at him, I was hurt by his choices. *after 30 minutes and after scheduling my post for gt* OK, there is one incident that I was so hurt (and yes, a bit furious at him). I went out and meet my friend in a mall and we spend the whole afternoon chatting. When I got home and he learned about it he was so angry and paranoid. We spend the whole evening arguing and there was a point where I was so afraid of him that I threatened him. I told him if he would not stop being so paranoid I would kill myself. I was not angry at him, I was hurt because he did not trust me.

I was s o hurt because I love hims so much and I always try to understand him. Days before that, he let me wait for him fro three hours, on my birthday! And no, I was not mad at him, I know he was that busy (and I got with the ipod he gave and some stick on the hand, so it was not a big deal that I waited for 3 hours). That made him more paranoid, he said I should have been mad at him. Most of the times, he acts like he is the girl in the relationship. LOL


Sara said...

Sorry to here about the fighting, hubby acts the same way, like he is the girl in the relationship, must be a man thing:)
Have a great day

Mom of Four said...

Sobrang desirable ka kasi kaya paranoid hubby mo. Naku ako maraming beses ng nagalit kay Rodney at talagang gusto kong ingudngod. Ang laki lang eh, di ko abot ang ulo, hehehe..

DInah said...

That used to be our main problem. Sobrang seloso, kala mo naman ang ganda ganda ko. Ganda lang :-)But I guess after three kids and 12 years, he finally realized that i love him and will definitely grow old with him. It was not easy and nakakapikon talaga, but I guess its one of the things that makes our relationship more challenging :-)

anne said...

dapat si hubby mo ang nagsulat nito kasi siya ang mad sau lol hehehe mine is up I hope u could visit

Chie Wilks said...

there are times talaga na ng-iinsecure ang mga hubby which is dapat ang mga wifeys lang...they are just too afraid to lose their...ganyan sguro..

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