Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Pretty Doll

Sati is growing so fast! As in! Oh my, she looks like she is three months old now. Remember that even before she was born, I already start buying clothes for her. I bought clothes in different sizes. I bought some for newborn, and a lot for babies 0 to 3 months. Now, even her 0 to 3 months sized clothes, is already small for her. I think I need to shop again and this time I will shop for larger sizes.

And just like before, aside from clothes, I will also buy some toys for her. I am eying this jellycat birdy tails soft book. It is very colorful, just right for Sati as she her sight is developing now. She need toys that are colorful which will help her in focusing her eyesight. One of the clothing line that I truly trust is barefoot dreams. I am assured that their products are all made using natural materials. Like the pink ruffled bloomer and tee below, it will be very comfortable for Sati. It is cotton, my first requirement for my baby's clothes, and it is very soft too. Sati will look good on it, the ruffles made the set so adorable.

I also want an appaman skirt for her. I said I won't buy girly outfits for her but I can't help it! All those adorable pink and cute dresses, skirts are telling me to buy them all. Now I know what my friends say about having a baby girl. They said baby girls are fun to dress up and it is so true. This is a secret and don't tell this Sati (she may not like it when she learned about it), every now and then, I turn her into a model and I play dress up, yes aside from being a mom' s little princess, she is also my doll. Sshh.


Chris said...

naku dapat talaga ma visit na kita, baka sa thursday january 21.. ok with you?

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