Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Couples Corner: Please WASH!

Rodliz’s Nest

I so love this week's theme!! as in super that I wanna fly to Marce Liz place and kiss her and bring her bagoong na alamang or any native food to thank her. LOL The theme for this week is most annoying habit.. and last night we just had a short scene about one of his habits that I so hate.

Before that, his number one habit that I come to get used to is closet chaotic talent. He can make a nice looking, very organized closet to an Ondoy aftermath scenes. He is not doing it to annoy me, he just do it. He is not aware that he is doing it actually. Like for example when he needs to get an underwear, he would always (as in walang palya) take one that is waaay under all his underwear,, he is taking underwear literally. The best part about it is not he does not how to put it back. Even on shirts, shorts and all. Even if I would put his favorite short on top of his clothes, he would still dig under it.. haays..

And yes, his most annoying habit, oh well, after having four kids, he kinda changed now. Except for last night when he forgot again..he forgot to wash his feet before going to bed. Ah yes, his habit is he keeps on forgetting things but forgetting to wash his feet before bedtime is unacceptable to me.

How about your partner? What makes you say, "ibabalik na kita sa mudra mo, hmp!" LOL


ALiNe said...

Happy new year!

K said...

hindi marunong maghugas ng pinggan sa gabi. hmp. an lamig xe tubig dito. prang may yelo. LOL

rikkabren said...

ah..utot ng utot! hahaha!

rikka said...

my husband love sharing his gas that came from his ass...hehehe!

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