Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saving For The Tummy

I am happy with how I look. I am quite contented with my body but I am not dismissing the thought of having a cosmetic surgery. My tummy needs a little shedding and my lower abdomen too. That's what I got from having a lot of kids. LOL And since I plan to wear a two piece swim suit in the future, maybe I will have t go under the knife for my lower abdomen.

Cosmetic surgeries are done to enhance the aesthetic beauty through medical procedures. Examples of cosmetic surgeries are Abdomin0plasty and Breast Augmentation. Abdominoplasty is what I want. This procedure involves the reshaping and firming of the abdomen but in some cases it also needs going under the knife, which is scary. But now, sono bello offers body contour service without surgery. It needs no stitching and can be done even if you are an out patient. No visible scars on the body parts too.

Well now that I have better options, all I need to do is save enough money for it. I heard that there are financing available in Sono Bello. What are you waiting for? I know you are itching to lose that lower abdomen fats too.


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