Thursday, February 25, 2010

Body Kits

I don't why but I am really into manly things. I am more into carpentry and the likes than shoes and bags. In fact, here in our house, I was the one changing the light bulb and doing carpentry tools. I am also fascinated with cars. I know more about chevy accessories than fashion accessories. Hubby always teases me about my fascination. He says I am more manly than him LOL. I really don't know why but I get high on stores like hard ware and car parts store.

Actually my fascination with car accessories only started last year. When I learned I was pregnant with my fourth baby, I thought we will need a bigger car soon. Although we still don't have the bigger car now, I got my interest on body kits. As I was looking for car alternatives, I learned about a certain van. This was from Toyota and I really find it very simple. Then I saw another van but this time it has some good body kits on it. From then on, I was obsessed with body kits. I sometimes surprise hubby when I comment on cars we see on the road. He says the only thing I need to do is learn how to drive.


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