Thursday, February 25, 2010

Couples Corner: Breakfast In Bed

Rodliz’s Nest

Breakfast in bed? na ah. We never tried... I thought but I first head on to other CCers and peek on their entries, Marce Seiko's entry was really funny and reminds of instances when hubby wears the chef's hat.

The only time that he would prepare a meal for me was when I was sick or if I just gave birth (except when I gave birth to Sati since I recovered easily). He would cook Halaan soup for me. We never tried breakfast in bed because I don't like it. I never tried serving him a breakfast in bed because he don't like it too. We can't eat anywhere else but in our dinning table. Here, it is a sin not to eat on the dinning table. hehe


Mommy Liz said...

Iba iba naman ang preference ng tao eh di ba? Merong di mahilig sa breakfast in bed, meron din namang they think it's sweet. Siguro kugn daing at tuyo ang kakainin ko, eh di ako mag be breakfast in bed, but if it's pancake, sausage or bacon, pwede na rin. Kaso, kapag may sakit lang yata ako nilulutuan ng asawa ko eh, ka sweet hano? Kapag nag iinarte ako, ayun, tatayo na at magluluto, hehehe.

Clarissa said...

same here--we never tried breakfast in bed but I think it's the sweetest although my husband cooks for me and the kids for sometimes.Your husband is sweet to do such a thing to you--alagang alaga ka nya.

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