Thursday, February 11, 2010

Couples Corner: Date?!?

Rodliz’s Nest

Plans for Valentines Day?

Oh I already told you about it...

I am gonna wear... wahaha

Seriously.. hubby and I never had a date on Vday and we never celebrate it, even our anniversary.. if he wants to buy me something, it is not out of any occasion, when I want something he never waits for an occasion to give it to me, as long as he can afford it.

So yeah, most likely this Vday, we'll just sleep the night away.. I mean "sleep"



Mommy Liz said...

Sleep the night away, or sleepless night, hmmm...which is which?? Ganon din kami ni Rodney, di na hinihintay ang Valentine, or anything, kapag sinabi kong gusto ko non, actually ako na lang ang bumibili. Minsan sabi ko, kahit ano lang bilhin nya para sa akin, ayun snickers bar ang binibili, with almonds yun. grrr!!!

Cecile said...

ganayan na din kami nu hubby, we really don't celebrate it :-), homemade dinner is enough, tipid pa :-)

Dinah said...

same here. ganun yata talaga pag married na, mas practical na :-)

acmumcee said...

sleep nga ba, mommy pehpot? hehehe... kame we do celebrate it, pero not in a date naman.. simple gifts lang and home cooked meals.. hehe..

Hazel said...

oh come on guys, ba't ayaw nyong maniwala na sleep nga yan lol!

Hi Pehpot,
I hang out a bit at Barrio Siette and was laughing at the writers' intros in there, i.e. BS Econanay :)) I'm going back there soon as I have the time. I was looking for speeches kasi ni Madam Imelda (something I need for an essay I'm writing for postgrad study) at talagang ma process enrolment ko nito kasi hayun dumiretso na ako sa mga links ng mga writers, and God knows how long would I stay if I made the mistake of clicking Reyna Elena's blog. The Queen of Bucklingham Palace just writes sooo entertainingly....

Ok, tama na satsat. Kumusta ka na and your lovely chikitings and the Hubster. Have a nice day you all.

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