Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Couples Corner: Promise

Rodliz’s Nest

Will you still love me tomorrow?

I don't know..

Since Marce Liz has no answer yet, I am quite lost on how to deal with the theme this week. Is this a question for me? or for him?

If it is for me, my answer would be yes, I will still love him tomorrow, the next day and all the days to come. Heck! I chose to be with him so what is the sense of this question? nyahaha

Hubby and I do both believe that when you enter a relationship there is no turning back. A relationship is not brought about your hormones (maybe inspired by it), it is a decision to be involved with some one else. It is more than kilig moments, I can't last another day without you drama, to us, it is based on thinking if you are ready to stay with the person no matter what.

And yes, when I got into relationship with my hubby, I vowed to myself that I will do anything to make it work.


acmumcee said...

siguro po ganun talaga tayong mga devoted partners.. we will do everything to make our marriages work and promised ourselves too that we will never do anything that will ruin it.. =)

Seiko said...

We are blessed so much to have our husbands & what we do in return is to love & respect them through all our days at tama ka dyan Marce wala nang turning back.God Bless!

Mommy Liz said...

First of, I am sorry na late ang post ko, nag adik sa panonood ng old time TV series eh.
Mare, iba iba naman ang prinsipyo ng tao when it comes to love. Yung iba, di talaga nag work ang marriages nila. But most eh both parties do everything in their power to make it work. Yugn iba nagsasama lang for the sake of the kids kahit wala ng love and respect for each other, which I can never do. Swerte tayo Mare, mababait ang ating mga hubbies, they fit to our personalities.

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