Saturday, February 27, 2010

GT: Lover Pehpot

I'm a pleaser, in whatever aspect of a lover you are talking about Niks. I get high knowing I pleases my husband. I love showering him with gifts, pampering and a lot more. But if you think he is lucky to have me, think again as I am very bratty. He knows that. I won't say sorry even if it is my fault and if I want something, I make him want that too (in the most subtle way). When a bowl of nilaga or a bowl of beef stew is not enough, I offer him a cold treatment. LOL

Sorry Marce Niko my entry was so late. I was about to make an entry last night but Liz insisted (bwahaha) we had a conference. I was texting you, bat di ka sumsagot. Anyway, short lang muna, nalulugaw pa aketch.


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