Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Broken Eyeglasses

My sister has been telling me it's time to change my eyeglasses. This eye glasses has be with me for more than 2 years now. I don't change my eyeglasses that often because my lens are expensive. My eyegrades are really high and they say, I needed a processed lens. A processed lens is a tpe of lens that is not readily available in optical shops. It takes a week or two before it becomes available. According to my optometrist, it takes longer because it comes from outside the country. When I had my eye check up and had my eye grades, the optical shop will order it from abroad. It will be processed there and will be sent here. So aside form the processing time, the shipping time is added, hence I have to wait for more than a week.

Actually, I changed my eyeglasses last year. I even chose a fashionable frame for me. The thing is, even before I enjoyed my eyeglasses, Chico (my third boy) broke it into pieces. I can still use the lens. All I need to do is go to my optical shop and buy a new one. I can still use if my eye grades did not change. I hope this weekend we can drop by at my optical shop so I can have it replaced.


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