Thursday, February 4, 2010

GT: My One True Love

I did not joined last January because I don't wanna talk about my past here in my blog. It is not that I am "afraid" but to me, talking about here where anyone can read might subject him to there. Out of respect to the only man who treated me with so much respect and love.. my one true love..

And if you have been following me, you know me, I am not the romantic type and hubby too.. but for the love of my Marce, I will elaborate who is My One True Love.

I can't post a pic here because it is one of the thing he hates, publicity. We are so opposites, while me enjoys the limelight (aas if! haha) he likes being alone (with me). Obviously, I am talking about the man whom my kids call Daddy.. the one man that never fails to bring out the best in me. Describe him? The exact opposite of me.

But if you insist.. oh well. You already knew he is not romantic, but he is a pleaser. He pleases me in every aspect (most specially there haha). He is a loving father to our kids, a spoiler. He spoils us too much but beware, he is a very meticulous guy. And the most that I like about him, he is so funny.


Mommy Liz said...

opposite talaga kayo ng hubby mo Mare, kasi ayaw niya sa limelight, ikaw naman pupunta talaga sa light, ahahaha! tahimik siya at ikaw eh proven na...woman of so many words, oh di ba? love each other so much and that's what's important..

Willa said...

Talagang opposites attract! lol!
Ako din absent last month, masyado kasing cheesy mga topic.For this month, I have to be choosy kung ano ang type ko.Actually,wala nga ako entry this week eh. (he he he he)

Tetcha said...

What's good about having a funny man for a husband is that there's no dull moment for you. He always finds ways to make you happy.

Seiko said...

You are so blessed to have such a good & loving husband to you & your kids Marce!God Bless your family always!

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