Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We Are Excited!

Our contest is getting bigger and bigger. Just this week, we are about to give $50 to ten participants. Those are the early birds on our contest. Those ten people are the first one to complete the required mechanics in order to be qualified on our contest. We will be giving another great prize to the next ten so you better hurry and join our contest now! Click on the pink and green banner on the side.

Back when we are still planning our contest, we thought of giving away other goodies other than cash. We thought of giving away domains, web hosting and the likes. Kaye even looked around for good and trusted web hosting provider. But then we realized that it would be a lot of work if we include it on our price list. So we decided it would be wiser to have cash as our prizes. We just let them spend it on domains or web hosting. In case you are still not familiar with our contest, our first prize is $2oo. Second prize is $100 and so on, We are giving away 5 $20 dollars to 5 lucky winners aside from the 1st prize to 5th prize that we are giving. So what are you waiting for? JOin now so you can have and subscribe to the best web hosting company on blogniverse.


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