Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Diet Secret

Can I tell you a little secret? I am trying my best to lose weight and have a flat tummy. I have been dreaming of wearing a bathing suit this year and I am doing everything I can to make that wish come true. I am trying to cut back on rice and on sweets but if all else fails, I might consider having a tummy tuck. It's my last resort of course. I do want to have a slimmer an sexier body this year. Since I have no more plans on getting pregnant again, I think I deserve to have a normal body.

I know you are curious on how I can go on without eating much rice. I am a rice lover actually. I cannot imagine myself lasting a day without rice. I love eating steaming hot rice, fresh from the rice cooker. There are times when I would imagine how good it is to eat rice with a very delicious viand. It's sinful. Now I am cutting back on rice and it has been 5 days since, I can say that I am winning this battle. The secret is easy, eat more viand. What I did is to get at two spoon of rice at max and a lot of viands. My spoon would be full of viand and with very few rice. With this method, my eating time is still the same, only I am not consuming more. I am eating less rice without me knowing it. So after a time, I would notice that my plate still has rice on it and yet I am already full. It really worked because as I have said, my eating time did not changed. Does it mean you will see me on two piece this summer? That we still have to wait.. and see.. (if you can) LOL


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