Friday, April 30, 2010

Blogger's Birthdays

April is a busy blogger's month.. we already had 2 birthdays, Marce Liz and Marce Gene.. and then my soon to be Marz Willa..PMO's Rubz asked me to be Bella's ninang and I couldn't say no.. just kidding. I was actually thrilled and very flattered when she asked me.. it means a lot when people trust their baby to you.. anyways, before this thing goes blah blah.. here is a banner I got from Rubz..

Happy birthday Willa! I hope Bella can bring us closer :)

And oh.. the clock is ticking and there's two bloggers that I need to greet.. must.hurry!


BizMomPH said...

Thank you so much Marz for the linky love. Indeed April was a busy month for birthday bloggers. :)

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