Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pin To Promote

My dream job is to be a PR officer or anything that has to do with public relations, marketing and advertising. I think it is a tough job and a very challenging job too. Imagine you need to promote something, make people believe they need it and make people buy it. It's a hard job figuring out what gimmick you can do to make your product more appealing. Some companies use Lapel Pins to make their products visible. Some use buttons to promote their product. Visibility is very important when it comes to promoting your products. It makes people think that your product is popular.

One of my favorite promotional tactics is creating curiosity to the consumers. Like when this new hair removal product made an impact to the consumers when they created a woman with so many hairs. First they blog about this woman and she was everywhere. She was very mysterious and when the curiosity peaked, they revealed who she was. And now they are having some sort of contest on whoever can catch her and take a photo of her. For sure the product's name became a household name after that. I think she was launched hairless last April. And she was really pretty when her hair was all out. Indeed the hair product benefits a lot from her.

For those who look for more traditional way of promotions, Lapel Pin is still in. I mean, you can never go wrong with pins, they are wearable and they are usable. Pins have been around for long as a marketing tool. The exposure that pins can give is worth the money you will spend to personalize them. And so when you want to promote something or you are about to launch your product and is thinking of a give away, you can try pins and see what it can do to you.


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