Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coolest Car Door

For some reason I got very obsessed with car kits. When we had our first car and hubby talks about car kits, I dismissed the idea. Since we had a sedan and it is a family car not a sports/ racing car, I told him that car kits is not a good idea. Then I discovered that car kits can make a simple looking van a gorgeous one. I want a Toyota Innova but thought it was too simple. Then I saw a white van with body kits and I was dumbfounded to know that it was an Innova make. The van has sports rack tray which made it looked bigger.

And now, I am more conscious with car kits than ever. Whenever a car passes by, specially if it is a sports car, I check out its body kits and take note of it. And if I don't know the name of the kit, I researched on the net for that. One time I saw a car where in it's door is opened vertically. Yep, not your ordinary door where you open it and it opens horizontally. This door opens vertically, as in going up. That is super cool to me. And since I don't know what it is called, I looked around. I hit the search engine and learned that this kind of doors are called lambo doors. How does it function? Well it says in a website that offers lambo doors, that when you grab the doors handle and open it to a certain distance, the door will stop and lift up. In most lambo door models, the bottom of the doors can raise even higher than the car roof.

I wish I was very close to the car I have seen with Lambo doors. I would have take a shot of that. That's a very cool thing to see, feels like you are watching Transformers.


Anonymous said...

I believe there is another type of door that opens upwards too. What you have mentioned here is generally called "scissors." Another type would be the "gullwing" doors, similar to the ones on the car in the movie Back To The Future.

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