Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ironman Will Be An Exception

You know I have a review blog right? This is where I post my reviews on products, movies, and anything I can think of. I used to post my food review here but not anymore since I already have a food blog. Most of my reviews were movie reviews and website or blog reviews. I enjoy making movie reviews and I am always on the look out for list of good movies. Of course, I look for movies that I have not watched. And when I find something that is interesting enough, I rent it out on video rentals and watch it.

I am not kin on making reviews for new movies. I enjoy doing reviews or older movies. The reason why I don't usually write new movie reviews, is the fact that I don't go to cinemas to watch it. Maybe if I can get an invite to a premier night or first day showing, I can make one. Being a busy mommy keeps me away from watching the latest offering on the movie house. Ironman 2 will be an exception though. I hope somebody would invite me for the premiere night but if not, expect me to be on the movie house on its first showing day. Ironman 2 is too good, I can't let it pass.


sinisterteacher said...

I know! I thought that it was to be shown this week but it was for next week. Argh. Cannot wait.

redamethyst said...

kelan ba expected magshowing ang ironman?
kasi may mabibili akong coupon na pwde sa sm malls tapos buy 1 take 1 na un ticket tapos may mga absolutely free pa. :D :D
baka gusto mo yun. hehehe

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