Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Couples Corner: Places To Go

Rodliz’s Nest

Hubby always like to be at home. He never likes going out or going to places. The only time that he would be out of his pjs is when the prospect of a long drive is brewing in his mind. Our favorite place as a couple for some months now is Greenhills. We buy gadgets there, but no we are not gadget fanatics. Gadgets, I mean, mouse, mouse pad, ds. The most that we like about the place is this:

The chili flakes in Sbaroo is awesomely good. Always, he woudl get spaghetti with meatballs and I orders baked zitti. He would ask fro chili flakes, extra parmesan and garlic powder. He would share with me his meatballs and we would finish it off while talking about anything.

That's my meal, baked zitti plus his meatballs plus chili flakes.

Another place that we both enjoy is La Union and Tagaytay. In La Union, we enjoy the beach, the waves and the seafoods. In Tagaytay, we can't get enough of Leslie's BULALO! and Bag of Beans freshly baked cinnamon..yum yum yum

Well as you can see, our bonding time is ever good without food. We both love eating.


Chris said...

interesting.. :D

let me think of our places to go and ill post mine soon!

Paula said...

Parang chili flakes na nilagyan ng spaghetti! eww! :))

rossel said...

daming chili flakes. eating is a good bonding not just for couples but for the whole family as well. sa akin din e lamunan. ehehe!

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Mommy Liz said...

Talagang ang sarap mag bonding while eating. Mahilig din ako sa spaghetti with meatballs na may "red crushed pepper" dito yan, pati ang pizza ko, meron din nyan , kaya ang mga bata di pwedeng makisalo sa akin, kasi maanghang. May nabibili ata nyan sa mga groceries eh. Yaan mo Marece, kapag nagpadala kami ng package sa sister ko, padalhan kita ng ganyan..pareho pala tayong mahilig dyan sa chili flakes nyo..

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