Friday, April 16, 2010

Slimming Hairstyle

You know I am fat and to make my face look slimmer, I always look for Daily Makeover for some tips. And look what I got:

1. Try a side part. A side part allows you to sweep bangs or long face-framing pieces diagonally over your face, which breaks up a round face shape. This style can also bring out your cheekbones.

2. Your hair length should at least skim the shoulders. A cut that is around shoulder length or slightly longer creates the illusion of a longer, leaner face. Short cuts aren't a good option because they can add more width to an already full face shape.

3. Play with layers. Layers around nape level can help minimize a double chin and give more definition to the shoulder area. If you have fine hair, layers will also give it a body boost. But make sure you don't get layers that are shorter than chin length, which could add an unflattering wideness to your face.

Now let's go to the salon and let the scissors take off some pounds on our face.


Cecile said...

am fat, too dear...come on let's go to the salon now :-)!...thanks for the tips...will surely keep that in mind next time i see my fave hair trimmer :-)

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