Monday, May 3, 2010

Need New Eye Wear

Me and my husband both have an eye problem. Mine was discovered when I was in grade school. Since then I have been wearing an eye wear. I have tried all the eye wear there is. I have tried the plastic kinds and even the most nerdy type of eye wear. As for hubby, his eye problem, was discovered just recently. When he bought our car and when he applied for driver's license, he discovered that he needs to wear an eyeglasses.

His eye problem is not as difficult as mine. You know I have been suffering from myopia and I also have astigmatism. And you know how costly my eye wear can get. When we need to change our eyeglasses, we made it a point that we do it together. It became a sort of date for us as a couple. Which reminds me, we need to change our eyeglasses soon. I hope we can both have some time off to do that. I have been very busy the past few days and it was harder to leave the kids. You know with so many news about earthquakes and disaster, it's hard worrying for the kids' safety. Anyways, I really to change my eye wear since my frame is almost broken now.


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