Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Spending

Last weekend, we attended the launch of CROCS ABF (almost barefoot) collection in Enchanted Kingdom Biki Waterworld. The event was fun and wet for the kids as they got to enjoy the inflatable water attraction in the theme park. As for me, it was fun too. And for my benefactor, not as much LOL. Why? It's not that we have to get payday advance for the shoes that I want, but yeah, it was still not in the budget (yet) and I still need to buy Chico his pair (his older brothers got a pair each).

Oh well, maybe next month as June is not a good month to spend on unnecessary things. You know, school supplies are the top priority this month (tuition fee too!). Good thing my kids are not like other kids who thinks school year is about having new bag, new shoes, new etc. To them as long as I supply them with pencil and papers, they're all good.


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