Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not Again

I was chatting with Jade a while back and she mentioned that there is an ongoing Mommy expo in Singapore. Oh my, she showed me some of the items she bought and there's Carter's. I really, really love that brand, there's so many cute rompers, dresses and onesies from Carter's. If ever I will avail a payday advance loan, I might spend it all on Sati's clothes. I was never liked this with the boys, spending so much for clothes (except for shoes LOL). And the good thing about it, the goods are cheaper in the Mommy expo than the price in the US. I will have to control myself from buying more and more.

Remember last year that even before I gave birth to Sati, I already spend a lot for her clothing. Now she is growing prettier every day and almost anything looks good on her, yeah, even a plain cheap house dress.


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