Friday, June 18, 2010

My $100

Host: It has been a while, I know. It seems that my EP, Pehpot, has been doing a lot of things lately. I heard that aside from being a mom, a blogger and blogging today executive producer, she is also an internet marketing specialist now. I am not sure if she is quite aware of the meaning of it but she loved the term, heck, to her it as simple as looking for direct client and give task to her bloggers. Hey, Pehpot, it can be simply called as broker or agent..

Pehpot: Hey, I am not paying you to criticize me, just mind your job, OK? I love the name.. ahaha

Host: (rolled eyes), Oh guys, the reason why I am here today is to present to you why Pehpot should win $100 (what?!? I though you are already earning being an IMS?)

Pehpot: Shhhh..

Host: OK, tell me, (but I think I already knew the answer), tell our viewers instead.. So why do you want to win $100 or what will you do if ever you will win $100 from Noel And Levy's Thanksgiving Contest?

Pehpot: When I first heard about it, the first thing that comes into my mind is to buy more domains (and I knew a lot of you expected that it would be my answer.. so here I am sharing it so as not to disappoint you ahaha). Yup I will spend $100 for domains.. but you see, a dot com domain is only 7.70 (that's plus tax already), $100 is 12 domains.. 12 domains?!?!!!!

Let me see if I can come up with 12 dot com domains that are not registered yet.. wait! I already have a Fashion, Travel, Mixed, Health, Tech, Parenting, Food, Artsy, Home, Baguio, Magician Tricks, Random Domain Blogs. And I have 3 blogspot blogs (Man Diary, Personal Blog, Contest Blog), so what more?


I can buy domains for my kids, so that's 4 less and one for my hubby.. so that's 5.. wait! I can even buy each for my helpers! whew! 5 more to go..

I have been thinking of buying one for the sake of annoying commercials, and one for the sake of annoying billboards.

I also want a domain that talks about bloggers.. sounds cool no.. but ever I will buy that, I need to set the domain into private so that's another $14 spent.. so one last domain..

I think I will have to buy a domain for my mother, something that will be all praises for my mom..

The problem with that is..if I can handle it.. the answer is a BIG NO...

Host: Er, can I sleep?

Pehpot: (to host)I am done with domain thing.. no I did not paid you to sleep

Host: So if you will not buy 11 domains plus one private settings for $100, what are you going to do to $100?

Pehpot: Oh well, the word SALE hit me again.. my favorite online store (use AFF10 when checking out) offered a 30% off on their Summer outfits.. so there.... now I need those moolahs.. for the shipment of the outfits below.. and for the shipments of my Mega Blocs (which I bought last March in ebay)...

Host: So that is why there are some cutey outfits below? Ah guys, help Pehpot win for Sati and the boys..

Pehpot: yeah.. help me win guys.. help me.. help me.. I mean, Levy.. make me win!!!! Or else..


nuts said...

pwede ba ako maging judge sa contest? shoot ang entry mo. i want you to win the moolahs too.. ah wait, san yung sale? i can imagine sati and the boys with all those stuffs, niceeee!!!

AC said...

ahahahahaha!!! naloka ako! naku, napakaganda at napaka creative naman ng post na ito marz... natakot na tuloy ako sumali sa contest ni mommy levy... wahahaha!!! goodluck marz!

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

Galing ng contest post mo ah, napabasa ako, he he he

fedhz said...

ehe. ayus. kala ko kung sino iinterviewhin mo. hehe. gudlak madam! pano ba manalo dito? mag comment ako mga 4x gamit name ko, name yz, mike, at kung sino sino pa. bwahahaha!

HMP! ako din dapat manalo at gusto ko din ng baby clothes hehehe

Tetcha said...

Blog domains talaga, ha! You're really a blogging addict, LOL! How do you manage? Seriously, saludo ako sa yo for being able to maintain so many blogs while being a hands-on mom to your kids.

Ellen Joy said...

Sis, I'm back :) Natuwa ako sa mga outfit, cuties :) I joined this contest too. Anyway, invite po kita to join my mini contest and my blog contest LINK:

Vera said...

Very creative! :)

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