Friday, June 18, 2010

Valentine's Day: A Shopping Bonanza

There are some who say that Valentine's Day is a "Hallmark Holiday" created to sell greeting cards and chocolate. But a little research shows that in fact it was established all the way back in 500 AD to honor an early Christian martyr by the name of Valentine. It didn't become associated with the celebration of romantic love until 1382, in a poem by Chaucer.

The idea caught on, and February 14th has become a day set aside to express our love to the special people in our lives. Traditionally lovers exchanged gifts of flowers, candy and greeting cards. These days, fine dining and jewelry can be also be involved. This can get expensive, especially for men, who have been shown in surveys to spend twice what female counterparts do.

But is it really necessary to break the bank each year to be the perfect Valentine? We think not. There are many ways to save while still sending a message of unmitigated love and devotion. Here are a few:

How about the handmade touch? Creating your own Valentine card with a handwritten poem is more personal than the mass-produced kind. And a home-cooked dinner with candles and an intimate atmosphere can be more meaningful than a night out.

When it comes to flowers, are a dozen long-stemmed red roses absolutely necessary? Maybe your beloved actually prefers a different color, or even a different kind of flower altogether? Going with his or her personal favorite can send a more intimate message and save you money on more popular Valentine's items.

And, for the best prices on everything, shop early. Many online coupon codes expire in the beginning of February, so pay attention to the best time to order. You can find great Valentine's Day Savings at for sites such as including discounts on Ghirardelli chocolates and Fredericks of Hollywood. By all means, enjoy!


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