Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blog Leave

I was on blog leave for almost a week. The week started out as fine but then a storm hit us and there was no electricity for almost 24 hours. It disrupted by blogging schedule, hence I got disoriented. Other than that, there are so many distractions that came my way.

There was the toys that I purchased in ebay last March- April. It arrived this week. I was excited so I put blogging on hold and play with my toys.

Then Sati's clothes arrived too. Another excitement for me.

And my boys are getting more demanding nowadays.

It also does not help that my reflexology sister is here, I can have a massage anytime I want. So instead of blogging, I am in my bed, getting a nice massage.

Now, although I enjoyed the week much, I am left with so many task to do.


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