Saturday, July 17, 2010

Online TShirt Printing

Although it is not quite obvious, I am also into arts. I have been wanting to know the arts of T Shirt Printing even if it as simple as silk screen printing. Printed shirts are nice giveaways on parties and events. If I know how to do t shirt printing, I would have given away a lot shirts with my blog on it. It's a very good way to promote your site. People wear it and more people can see it. it's like a billboard, only smaller. Or maybe I can just avail of the service offered on online shops. I have heard that Design Tshirts Online are now gaining more popularity. I guess since digital arts are being more popular, there is also the need for shirt printing to house the digital arts.

As I have said, I haven't tried doing stuffs like this before. I am familiar with Tshirt Printing because I knew some printing shops. But I am really interested in looking for sites that can cater my printing needs. Just now, I need an online shop that prints shirt, we're going to have a pet project and hopefully, we can find the perfect printing shop and finish this project. And I hope the shipping is affordable.


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