Monday, August 23, 2010

Rolando Mendoza; Philippine Bus Hostage

He just wants a reinstatement. He was stripped off his almost 30 years benefits for forcing a chef to swallow a packet full of shabu and for extortion.

Now Rolando Mendoza is dead.. for a mere 3,000.. he hostaged Hong Thai Travel bus where there were 14 Chinese Nationals and a Filipino driver.

It took more than 12 hours before the hostage taking ends.. and with more than 2 people dead.. who is to blame?

Who is at fault at this hostage drama?

Is it the PNP for "inviting" Rolando Mendoza's siblings?

Or is it the media who made it possible for Rolando Mendoza to see his siblings being forced by the PNP?

but of course we all know that the hostage taker is Rolando Mendoza


Anonymous said...

The killer Mr. Mendoza did not only proved his guilt of extortion but also brought a gross shame for Filipino nation. With this incident other countries would tend to be critical on trusting Filipinos as employees. Indeed, Mr. Mendoza must be condenmed. His death is not enough to pay off for many people he killed and shame he brought to Filipino people. Im Filipino, and I believed that Mr. Mendoza if he were alive must be punished for 8x of capital punishment.

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