Monday, November 29, 2010

Finding a Balance Between Motherhood and Work

One of the greatest challenges about being a stay at home mother and a business owner is finding a balance between work and family time. This is a struggle that many women deal with on a daily basis, and it takes a conscious effort to keep these two areas separated. The following are a few techniques that have worked well in the struggle to separate family from work. I hope these techniques will be useful for you as a work-from-home entrepreneur.

Time to Work and Time to Play

A great technique that has worked well in my quest to keep family and work time separate is to designate specific hours for both. By setting aside a specific number of hours each day for work, I am better able to differentiate between when I should be spending time with my husband and children and when I should be focusing on work tasks.

This work and family differentiation also helps my family adapt to my schedule. Since, as a work from home mom, I am always accessible to my children and husband, the risk is that they will take this accessibility for granted by asking for my time whenever they see fit. However, by explicitly setting aside time for work, they know when I am available and when I am "at work."

Work Ahead

When raising children, the unexpected will always occur. As such, I’ve learned to work as far ahead as possible to account for those days when my children are sick or when school activities must take priority.

Additionally, by working ahead, I will always have free time to pick up additional projects during those months when finances are a bit tight. Of course, Payday One loans are also always available during those tough times, but working ahead is another way to provide a little more financial security.


Beth said...

I like the Work Ahead philosophy. It is so useful, Pehpot. Ganun din ginagawa ko sa ofc e. Pag me work, khit wala pa sa deadline ginagawa ko na. para sakaling kailanganin ako sa house, e at least tapos ko na un work ko sa ofc. nice reading this post. very useful! :)

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