Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Short Messaging Service

What is SMS? SMS stands for short messaging service messages or most commonly known as text messages. More and more people have known and discovered the power of text message. Number one reason for this is because text messaging has been used as a business tool. SMS marketing is the use of mobile phone as a method of marketing communication.

Most people carry with them their mobile phones anywhere they go, checking every now and then if they have an SMS message or a missed phone call. SMS Giving is another great innovation with the rise of SMS messaging. Many organization and charity foundations have found a way to ask for donations. People who have big hearts and could spare a little amount of money could share their blessings towards the needy through using their mobile phones.

People will most likely read every text messages they received unlike the spam emails they received in their emails which they just ignore and deletes immediately. SMS gateway is another way of sending messages without using a mobile phone. This can be a very helpful tool also with regards to people who are in business and wanted their business to be heard or wanted to advertise their businesses through marketing with the use of mobile phones.


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