Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Working Moms

Being a mother is tough especially if you are a working mom. A working mom needs to work 8 hours a day for her office work and sometimes more than that. The remaining 16 hours must be divided between cooking for the family, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, taking care of the kids and the husband, and taking care of herself. Many working mothers nowadays already know how to drive their cars because it would be easier for them to go to their workplace and get home on time. And if ever they encounter problems with the car the working moms can just call Los Angeles auto repair for help. Now that is one thing working moms should be thankful about. Cars and car repairs are there to assist them.

Working mothers can get so tired after all the work she needs to do at work, men cannot simply understand how being a mom and a worker at the same time could be a tough job. But it is a good thing that having “kumares” and friends at work can be of great help in easing stress. It is always easier for women to share their happiness and work-related or not work-related problems while riding a Honda Civic. Working mothers can also eat together their favorite happy food in order to de-stress themselves. And they can go to spa with their friends after a week or a month of being stress.

Having peer groups could also help working moms stay fit mentally and physically. They can go out, drink tea or coffee, and while talking just about anything under the sun in order to release the tensions in their mind and body. Sometimes women prefer to go window shopping, shopping (in the sense) for the latest dresses, bags, shoes and even head gasket in order to relax. And some woman prefers to be alone or in a far place for at least an hour or two, just to take their stress away.

How about you working moms? How do you destress?


Rossel said...

ang hirap nga pag mommy, endless ang tasks.

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