Saturday, January 22, 2011

Martinez, Yasmien And Cherry Pie Pecache vs Baron Geisler

The most recent addition to Baron Geisler's acts of lasciviousness stint is Ms Cherry Pie Pecache..

Actress Cherry Pie Pecache filed a case in Philippine Artists Managers Inc. (PAMI) and ABS-CBN against character actor Baron Geisler. It has been said that during the taping of Noah (one of ABS CBN's primetime show with Piolo Pascual as the lead), Baron (who play one of the taong unggoy and was drunk during the taping) grabbed Cherry Pie's breast.

PAMI took action and released a statement after an emergency meeting. This is their response to the letter of complaint they received from from Mr. Ed Instrella (manager of Cherry Pie Picache) against Actor Baron Geisler.

After hearing both sides from the two PAMI Members, Ed and Arnold, the PAMI has decided on the following:

  • That all PAMI managed artists should not be exposed to incidents like this again for their safety and security
  • We are requesting the assurance from all networks and movie producers to ensure that any actor in an intoxicated state should not be allowed on the set
  • That Baron should publicly apologize to Cherry Pie Picache
  • To inhibit all PAMI managed artists from working with Baron until such time that PAMI believes Baron Geisler is fully rehabilitated.
Not so long ago, Baron Geisler also faced acts of lasciviousness complain from GMA 7 artist Yasmien Kurdi. Reports says that during the taping of their teleserye Suspetsa (May 2009), Baron approached Kurdi and touched her private parts without warning. The actor even trid to play with his private parts in front of the actress. There was also an incident where Baron allegedly waited for Kurdi's scene to go up on a staircase and intentionally peak on her (Kurdi was wearing a dress).

But even before that, William Martinez and Yayo Aguila filed a case against him in behalf of their daughter (Patrizha Martinez) for acts of lasciviousness last May 2008. According to reports, Baron proposed a one night stand with Patricia. There has been also some reports that Baron even took advantage of Yayo Aguila during their stay in Pinoy Big Brother.

Three different cases of acts of lasciviousness? Baron Geisler what is wrong with you? Ah yes.. the drinking.. may I add three different cases every year.. yeah there is really something wrong with this actor..


imriz said...

the actor is sick in the mind! sayang great actor p nman sana:)

how r u kabayan? aint going for the weekend?

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

ay ang bastos naman ni baron geisler, lumalaking bastos itong taga tabing ilog hehehe visiting through TBE

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♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Yuck naman yan! Dapat sa kanya ipasok sa rehab!

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Tetcha said...

Is Baron on drugs, or is he just like that, a person with no respect for women? The movie industry should ban him because this is not the first time such a complaint was filed against him.

rossel said...

dapat talaga dyan i-ban na sa showbiz.

btw, i have award for you here...

hope you could grab it. thanks in advance!

kimmy said...

this young man needs help..

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