Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Woke up in the middle of the night and surprisingly I can’t go back to sleep no matter how I tried. The little man is tucked in bed, sleeping soundly, so I’m left with nothing left to tinker and, unfortunately, while the time away. I decided to open the laptop mainly because I don’t want to be idle for another few minutes practically doing nothing. Maybe a little game of poker will be a good idea.

I opened my email to start off, which I religiously do every time I go online. It serves like my itinerary for the day, so to speak, it sort of lead me to the right directions to make my online experience organized and orderly. I go about my inbox and found several e-mails from the parenting magazine I’ve signed up for when I learned I was pregnant, a couple of ads (one from a pharma company selling a med I would never need. Now, where the heck does that come from?), a suspicious looking email – coming from a certain Rev. Boyd telling me about this inheritance I’ve got from a distant relative who recently passed away in Panama – which I instantly deleted. An email from a friend with a texas hold em as the subject (is she in Texas?) There are also a few notifications from this online shop I frequent. I just discovered the secret pleasure that is online shopping and have quite a few baby items I am ordering from this trusted e-bay seller and we’ve been communicating thru e-mail exchange to facilitate my purchases. I have also been recently active in social networking sites and have been receiving a dozen of notifications from them daily. Glad to know that a long-lost elementary friend of mine has accepted my friend request.


Rossel said...

hi, Peh! visiting from TBE.

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