Friday, July 3, 2009

Blog Review: Intekhab Online

Intekhab Online is a blog maintained by Intekhab, hence the title. When I first encountered this technical blog, I was curious why Intekhab and so I learned from his about me page that it is part of the author's name. I guess he comes from other country, but that did not stop from looking around his blog, I like cultural diversity. I like meeting new people from different places and different culture.

The blog talks about a lot of things but it is mainly focused on graphics tutorial, well he is a graphic designer. You can see that in his post that he is good on his field. He gives out adobe photoshop tutorial, anything about graphics. He also write trivial things like his experiment with spam comments. He also likes making blog reviews, juts like me. As he calls it one of his favorite section of his blog.

Tutorials aside, you can also read articles form his blog that talks about the latest traffic builders. Any bloggers can benefit from that article. He talks about great sites that can help you boost traffic as easy as pie, real traffic, that would stay for at least ten seconds in your site.

Technically speaking, his blog has a good lay out, nice color. It is very apt on his topics. It is very easy to navigate around because of all the helpful menus on the sidebar and on the header. The site loads fast even though it has a lot of image on it.

Check him out if you are looking for tutorials.


Anonymous said...

I should notify my friend about it.

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