Friday, July 3, 2009

The Sexy BumbleBee

I saw a Bumble Bee, a sexy one, and it's not Bumble Bee of Transformers, it's the author of Bumble Blog. OK, since I so love Honey now a days, I think I will love her blog. And not only that, her sunflower header is eye catching. It really shows that she is indeed a Bumble Bee.

This girl is so adorable and has a light and fun outlook in life. It is very obvious on her header:

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets & Believe everything happens for a reason

She shows a lot about her on Bumble Blog. She is so cute on that Bumble Bee costume, and as she said, that's where she got the name, sexy bumblebee.

It was my first time to look around her blog but I think I like her already. We share the same beliefs hen it comes to family. She also reminds me of my best pal who love kitties just like her.

And lastly, we both share the same hobby of taking pictures of ourselves while on the car or on just anywhere else, as long as there is a

Check her out guys, she have so many fun and interesting articles to offer.


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