Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Michael Jackson Mania

I would be hypocrite if I did not say, my blog stats are enjoying this mania. As for you, I know you are enjoying it as much (or even) my blog do. Yes, we are pretty tiding off the Michael Jackson mania. Is it because he is really that BIG or is it because too much people are riding the "popularity" that it became sensational. Are we giving too much attention on Michael Jackson? What's driving the Michael Jackson Mania?

As I have said before, I am not a fan of Michael Jackson, I only knew 5 or 10 song (or maybe more) of him. I did not grew up with his song and yet one or two of his songs anchored a part of life. Maybe that is another reason why I keep writing about him (not as obsessed as, because, hey, I knew him! I heard a bout him and even danced one of his song.

How about the whole world? Partly maybe, their reason is just the same as mine.. but when I think about it, it is more than we heard his songs, it is more than we danced Thriller... It's the society he brought up. Our world leaders, our fasyon idol, our journalists, our top bloggers, these are the people that REALLY GREW UP with him. These are the people that knew him, danced with him, sing falsetto with him. Our world prominent peoples, their generation, is the Michael Jackson generation. If he died 10 years ago, do you think it would be same.. maybe because he was still on his dancing feet then..but if he died 5 or 10 years later I don't think so.. people then maybe mourning hard for Backstreet Boys *grins*

So for those people who think this Mania is overrated and over hyped...

Have you not tried reaching out the tunes of Ben?
Are you not inspired to change a bit when you heard Man in The Mirror?
Are you not inspired to go on tour to African and save the world when you heard Heal The World?

Tell me, is there someone here who does not know Michael?

Hey even my 5 year old loves him and he was sad when he learned about his death (he heard it from the TV)...he was so sad, he says, who would sing Man In The Mirror again?


Clarissa said...

Kawawa naman si MJ...malapit pa naman yung concert nya,di pa natuloy noh?sayang...May he rest in peace...

fedhz said...

I love MJ because of his songs. haha. check out my new entry:

Jes said...

hay naku gurl...sinung d makakalimut ke michael, youre right i am not a fan masyado pero gusto ko tlga songs nya and moves =) i will surely miss him =0 and naaalala ko yumaong tatay ko sa knya eh same katwan, same buhok ehhehe =0 i also love his songs ben and thriller =0 at tsaka billy jean =) lalu n pag sinamahan nya ng moonwalk =0

Chris said...

just want you to know that i really admire you for the way you write your blogs... galing ng ideas mo! you should try to write for magazines :D

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