Friday, July 3, 2009

Thoughts And Obsessions of Mys

I really love blog hopping, as I have said before I love reading about you. Of course with so many blogs out here, there is always a chance to meet bloggers that are somehow similar to you. But the when you chanced upon it, you are still delighted and amazed by how alike you are.. and in so many ways. Imagine my delight when I saw Mys' Thoughts and Obsessions.

The first thing that caught my eye was her profile description, we share the same belief. I told her that I liked her already because of that. If you are curious enough, by no, you already know what's on my profile description, now compare it to hers:

1200 characters is not enough to tell you all about me

see? We both think that word are not enough to describe our personalities. lol. It's a mixture of laughs, antics, mishaps and misfortunes and a lot more.. That is very obvious on how creative she wrote. There is one post about her friends which turns out to be more than that. It was more like a personal post rather than what it should be.

We also share the same passion, motherhood, we're both Mommy Moments participant no. Her worries about her kid's first day at school is the same as mine. You can see from her post that she is very proud of her kid's achievements and is indeed a great mom with great techniques on rearing her kids.

She is a good mom and a creative writer, what more? She also likes to travel. I envy her recent trip at Labrador, Pangasinan. My mom is boasting about that place and when I saw it on her blog I turned

I already said a lot about the author, now let's be more technical. Aside from the contents of her blog, one of the things you will notice is her cute background paper, yes, the blue one, and her clean lay out. Her lay out is like mine, a 3 column type of template but hers look a lot cleaner and friendly to the eye. If there is one problem I can see, that the links I can't see. The color of the links I already visited and the archive link is not that visible.. er.. a bit hurtful to the eye so I hope she can change it soon.. (ay demanding hehe)

Check her out guys!


Anissa said...

I love meeting people that I have alot in common with. I love meeting new people. Loved your post! TFS

Enchie said...

Just been there (Mys' Site) I like her also...And I have a Friendship Chain for you too.

Mys said...

Super thanks. Changed the template na. Hopefully, this one's not that bad na. Hahaha. I asked for a review, I get what I asked for. I love the honesty. It's just what the blogging world needs.

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