Friday, September 11, 2009

Tubal Ligation

In my parenting blog, I have been asking around people about Tubal Ligation. I am planning to have on. So far I have been hearing good comments and nice experiences about it. Except of course during the time when you have to heal. Since this blog has wider reader compare to that little one, I would ask here some of your experiences regarding Tubal Ligation.

If you have time, you can answer some of the questions below and give me some feedback. I would really appreciate it. If you think it is inappropriate to comment here, kindly email me:

Why did you decide to undergo Tubal Ligation?

What is it that finalized your decision?

How did the operation went? Did you have Tubal Ligation after delivery or you just had it?

How was it after the anesthesia wears down? How about days after?

How was it 6 months after? Did you feel any changes in your body? How about your sexual desire?

How was it years after?

Did you feel any regret after all these years? Do you think it was worth it? If given a chance will you undergo Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Will you recommended it to other Moms? If not do you have any suggestion on birth control?

I have plans on putting up a resource page for Tubal Ligation so your help would go a long, long way! Thanks in advance!


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