Friday, September 11, 2009

My High Blood Pressure Experience

One of the reasons why I am opting for tubal ligation is because I no longer plan to have more kids. I already got three and soon to be four. I think that is enough for me. My hubby is not quite convinced with tubal ligation, he says that instead of going though it, why not use other form of birth control. I have nothing against birth controls but the problem is in me. The first I tried, is the injection type. I think it is commonly known as Depo or DPMA. I experienced high blood pressure during my second year of use so I have to stop. It was really scary for me then. I was with my mom then and my two older boys. We were vacationing on my grand mother's house. Late at night my head was like spinning and I can't breathe. It was like my head is about to explode.

My aunt has an experience on measuring blood pressure. She the old fashion technique on measuring it. They don't have a gadget that measures blood pressure automatically. They still had to use stethoscope to hear the thumping sound. I know it's not that accurate but my blood pressure then was really high or my age and my usual blood pressure.

They told me to gulp down a glass of pineapple juice. They said it can lower blood pressure. Aside form that, my grand mom says I should change my diet and limit my salt intake. Honestly, if not for my birth control shot, I would not experience it. And for you guys, smoking is bad for your health too. Another way to lower your blood pressure is to quit smoking and moderate your alcohol intake.


Snow said...

Gosh, I guess you should take it easy gurl. Rest ka muna kaya sa blogging...hehehe...

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